Contamos indicadores de nivel y mirillas utilizados para inspeccionar el nivel y limpieza de aceite para todo tipo de contenedores de almacenaje y para unidades hidráulicas. Para inspeccionar y controlar el flujo contamos con mirillas con veleta y válvulas de circulación que cuentan con válvula para control de flujo. Ofrecemos lubricadores de aceite por gravedad , por goteo nivel constante logrando la lubricacion de componentes como baleros, engranes , chumaceras, bujes. Para lubricar con grasa se utilizan inyectores manuales, bombas eléctricas y neumáticas. Para lubricar puntos de un mismo sistema se utilizan tubing, conexiones y distribuidores para llevar lubricante a diferentes puntos, y dosificadores para controlar la cantidad de lubricante en cada área.  

Cannon 10 de mayo 1712 Propiedad en 10 de mayo 1712.. Product #: 0013803044430-20D based on 0 reviews Regular price: $8,020.00 $8,020.00

10 de mayo 1712

Marca: Cannon
Código del producto: 0013803044430-20D

Precio: $8,020.00
IVA: $8,020.00


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Created for people who want to experiment with photography, the Canon EOS 8.2 MP camera is a flexible portable body only. You will be able to select the quantity of storage in the camera as this Canon EOS 20D features a flash memory card slot. High-quality pictures and superb performance are yours with this Canon EOS digital SLR camera.

With its black body, the Canon EOS 8.2 MP camera is a refined device for taking pictures. As this Canon EOS 20D comes with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, you will be able to always be prepared to preserve your life's great moments. A higher number of megapixels means you can crop and enlarge your photos without causing pixelation. Show off the captured moments of your life and send them to family and friends with the 1.8-inch LCD monitor included with the Canon EOS 8.2 MP camera.

This Canon EOS 20D includes only the body and no lens. Selecting the most appropriate interchangeable lens or lenses based on your photography needs is one upside to buying the camera body alone.A battery charger and lithium ion battery are also included with this camera body.This camera had a BRAND NEW SHUTTER installed in December, and a full cleaning was performed! This will extend the working life of the camera by several years. The body has a few cosmetic cuffs/scratches, but is completely perfectly functioning, including all buttons, metering, focus and exposure settings.

Operating System
Android Android 10.1.4
Windows Phone Window 8
Frequency 3G 3G New
FM 88.1 Mhz
CPU Type
Core i7 Core i7 New
AMD Intel
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